ARI...always reaching for independence


Recreation at ARI encompasses three major areas.  First, recreation strives to increase friendships and relationships between the individual and his/her immediate community through recreation activities.  That takes place through notifying individuals of community based activities and services in their immediate area such as festivals, presentations, and activities.  Next, recreation creates connections between the individual and supported activities.  Supported activities include Special Olympics, Music Makers, Dance, and other activities that provide recreation with added support services.  Finally, ARI provides resources for vacations as well as organized vacations.  Vacations, such as a trip to the Bahamas, allow people to relax from the daily struggles.


Because recreation means something different to everyone, ARI starts with the individual’s preferences and provides support for each person to be able to do the type of activity they choose, with an appropriate level of assistance.  Members of ARI play golf, bocce ball, bowling, have gone to Foxwoods, taken art lessons from a professional artist, dance lessons, music lessons, fishing trips, Yankees and Bluefish games and more. Not only is recreation fun, but it also creates opportunities for relationships.  It is good to know we are part of everything, work and home and fun, just like everyone else.


For more information regarding recreation services, contact Gerard Gasparino at (203) 324-9258 ext. 3023, or e-mail .